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Smart Start

Stand apart with SMART START!

Are you looking for ways to get the things you desperately want?  Like, oh let's see.. a CAR!!!

How about some extra cash - for college, or prom, or the latest electronic gadget? 

Here's the solution, open a Smart Start account at SUN Credit Union and we'll help you save your cha-ching for some bling!

Smart Start Savings

Mom and Dad puttin' the pressure on to S-A-V-E? (They're talking retirement, you're talking next week!!!) 

Here's a great way to impress them -  open a Smart Start Account!  To get started, all you will need is $10: $5 is for the one-time membership fee and the other $5 is the minimum you need to open the account.

Check it out...Smart Start Checking

A Smart Start Checking account is a great way to show you can manage your own funds.  While you are probably not writing too many checks for things like rent or college (at least not yet), check writing comes in handy when you need to pay fees at school or make deposits for end of the year stuff like your class ring, graduation, etc.

You're checking account comes with an ATM or VISA Debit Card and there's no minimum balance or service charges.

Out at the mall, the movies, or even the beach and you run out of cash? No worries - just make sure you have your SUN Credit Union ATM / Debit Card and "BAM" instant cash!!!

  • $600 daily withdrawal limit (ages 13-17 years)
  • $1500 Point of Purchase limit (ages 13-17 years)

Connect 24 /7

It's easy to keep track of your money.  Just log onto www.suncu.org and click on Home Banking to see all of your account activity or you can let your fingers do the talking.  Call MARS (and we don't mean the planet), our automated telephone response system for all of account information at 1-800-419-0953.

Soooo...does this sound like a cool place to stash your cash or what?  If you or your parents want more information, contact a Member Relations Representative to begin a "Smart Start" to your financial independence!

Legal stuff we gotta tell ya

Smart Start is open to members who are 13 to 17 years old.  Eligible members can open a savings and checking account as well as get an ATM or VISA Debit Card.


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