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Guaranteed Asset Protection

Protect Your Vehicle Investment, Not Just Its Value.

Side view of the front end of a sivler colored car that was in an accidentYou could lose more than your vehicle, boat, motorcycle, or RV if it is stolen or involved in a major accident You could lose your investment because most insurance policies only cover the value of your vehicle - something that rapidly declines during the first few years of ownership - your loan or lease balance could be higher than the value of your vehicle.

Now you can protect your vehicle, boat; motorcycle, or RV investment with Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP). GAP is a non-insurance product and is made available via a loan/lease deficiency waiver that covers the "gap" between the vehicles value and the amount you still owe. Essentially, GAP protects you and your entire investment from substantial loss.

What Does GAP Cover?

GAP was designed for all drivers, whether you finance or lease a new or used vehicle. It covers automobiles, vans, light trucks, motorcycles, boats, travel trailers, motor homes, golf carts, jet skis, snowmobiles and almost any other vehicle.* GAP coverage goes into effect when you need it most - when your vehicle is stolen and isn't recovered, or is totaled in an accident and can't be repaired.

GAP covers the difference between your primary carriers insurance settlement and the amount of your loan or lease, less delinquent payments, late charges, refundable service warranty contracts, and other insurance related charges.  Included in this difference is your insurance deductible, which is limited to $1,000.

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* Please consult your financing representative to determine if all of these collateral types are eligible for GAP protection.

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