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VISA Debit Cards

The easiest way to make daily purchases!

The SUN Credit Union VISA Debit Card.

A SUN Credit Union VISA Debit Card is accepted wherever VISA is accepted. All VISA Debit Transactions are deducted from your checking account.

The SUN Credit Union VISA Debit Card can also be used as an ATM card to withdraw funds from your savings or checking.

Q. PIN/Debit or Credit/Signature which is better and why?
A. Credit or Signature purchases are best.....but why?

A Credit or Signature based purchase earns your credit union interchange income (part of the fee the merchant pays to visa to process the transaction), this extra income helps us pay provide you with higher savings rates and lower loan rates. A Signature based transaction also gets you automatically entered in to WIN any nationally based VISA promotions (and who wouldn't want that!).

In addition if you are at a gas pump when you swipe your card and select "credit" the gas company authorizes a "hold" of only $1 until the transaction is posted to your account. Where as a Debit/PIN selection at the gas pump can put a $50 or more immediate "hold" on your funds in your checking account which could potentially cause you to overdraft your account...

Example: You have $75 in your account, you go to the gas pump to purchase $25 in gas, you select debit and enter in your PIN, the gas station puts a $50 hold on your funds until the transaction is processed, you leave the gas station thinking you spent $25 and stop at the grocery store and buy $40 in groceries. Your grocery purchase of $40 + the $50 hold the gas station put on your account puts you at -$15 which would push your account into the negative. Had you selected Credit the hold would have only been $1, which would not have caused any negative balance on your account.

A Debit or PIN based transaction costs the credit union money and does not allow us to earn any interchange income. In addition the daily limit set on a DEBIT purchase is lower than that of signature based transactions.

Daily Debit Card Limits are $1500 Aggregate but broken up in the following:

$600 daily for purchases that are PIN based
$1500 daily for purchases that are Signature Based

Or $1500 total for the day

So, if your card is declined when you are making a Debit/PIN based transaction because you've purchased over your daily limit ($600) try having the merchant run the transaction as a credit/signature based transaction... as long as you don't go over $1500 for the day it should work.

If you have any questions regarding the use of your card or would like more information, contact Member Relations.

LOST or STOLEN Debit Card

If you need to report a lost or stolen Visa debit card please call:  (877) 253-8964

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